LED Light Therapy Face Mask FSA&HSA Approved,Blue Light Therapy Acne Removal,Infrared Light Photon Spa Facial Skin Care Mask,Red Light Therapy for Wrinkle Removal Skin Rejuvenation Anti-Aging


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NEW VERSION! Auxoliev light therapy face mask a real-life cosmetic dermatology, which will help you deeply skin care benefits.

What are the differences of this LED light therapy face mask with the others? SAFETY! Don’t worry about hurting your skin.

1. LED light therapy face mask in class II medical devices

— Using photodynamic High-tech; Increase blood circulation, collagen production whitening skin wrinkles tightens skin improve pigmentation and Anti-Aging.


— Not only wrinkle removal, but also treatment as a medical device, it is different from ordinary therapy, blue light through 415nm light wave will treat acne,this device soothes inflammation, minimizes pores, and calms redness for clear.

3. Efficient! Added double beauty lamp beads

— The principle of this light therapy mask is to improve skin problems by natural light waves through the skin surface. Therefore, in order to improve the customer’s experience, we have added beauty light beads to this mask to solve skin problems efficiently.

4. SAFETY! Don’t worry about hurting your skin

— Our blue light therapy mask for acne treatment is the principle of an effective technology that has been proven by dermatologists. Blue light therapy technology is recommended in the dermatology department of the hospital, so please use it without worry.


Our light therapy mask jack and charging cable need to be plugged in tightly to connect the power, so that the charging cable will not fall off easily.When you feel that the light therapy mask does not work, please check please check whether the socket and charging cable are plugged in tightly.



The skin metabolic cycle is 28 days.

As each person’s physique is different, some people have strong skin absorption ability and will have obvious effects after two weeks of use. Some people need to use 28 days to see the obvious effect, 28 days is a cycle of skin growth cycle, adhere to the use of our light therapy face mask, can make the skin on the aging keratin off, promote the skin new new collagen, instead of the original aging keratin, improve the skin, so that the skin becomes hydrated and elastic.


Intelligent Light Therapy Beauty Mode

Our upgraded version of the light therapy mask has an intelligent beauty mode. To avoid customers falling asleep while using it, we set the default use time, 25 minutes, and the light therapy will end automatically at the fixed time. And the automatic mode we set is suitable for most skin types.Auto Mode:Press once to auto mode.Default time is 25mins, default brightness is in middle Red light lasts 9 mins, yellow lasts 8 mins, blue lasts 8 mins, it will automatic shutdown if time is up.

Please read the manual carefully when using. Do not use the product while charging. Avoid looking straightly into light areas. Make sure the battery remains 20% or above, or it can not finish the treatment.


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.63 x 10.16 x 7.83 inches; 3.84 Pounds
UPC ‏ : ‎ 768649286208

Improves Skin Therapy Acne:Blue light mode treating acne,by relieving skin inflammation and thus reducing acne, minimizes enlarged pores.Solving stubborn skin problems from the root,reduces skin oiliness, leaving skin smooth and vibrant reducing redness.
Highly Efficient & Safety: The LED light therapy face mask by FSA/HAS approved, increased beauty lamp beads and doubled the effect.Led light therapy for face professional natural light helps with oil control, redness, aging, helps to bring nutrients and energy to the skin cells to make the skin healthier and appear more youthful. It selects the three most effective color lights for the skin to effectively solve skin problems.Suit for all skin types!
Salon-Level Skin Care:Our light therapy facial mask can be used without hand-held, and could be walked around freely, so that you could do face SPA at home.Intelligent light therapy mode, effectively customizing the beauty mode for your skin care.So it is a ideal gift to be mothers day gift.
Worry-Free Warranty: Our teams would like to bring you professional service on any Auxoliev product. If you do not like our light therapy system mask for any reason, we will arrange a refund or a new product for you.So you could purchase this light therapy facial mask with confidence!


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